STYLE: Diamond Brown of Diamond’s Body Care

Charlotte Magazine 5/29 3:09A Taylor Bowler
Diamond Brown moved to Charlotte from Detroit six years ago, coming off a painful upheaval of her life and career. She wanted a fresh start, and she was ready to expand her skin care business in a...

How Can You Correctly Use Vaping Liquids For Longer Effects?

Creative Loafing Charlotte 5/23 5:36A Alan Watts
In recent years, the popularity of vaping liquids has skyrocketed. With a vast array of flavors and nicotine strengths available, it's no wonder people are choosing to vape over traditional smoking…

Charlotte Streets Show Signs of the Times

Charlotte Magazine 5/22 4:44A Allison Braden
In May 2020 , nationwide protests after George Floyd s death prompted organizations from Apple to the Sierra Club to interrogate and try to atone for past racism. Just weeks after protests began,...

18 Must-Try Tacos in Charlotte

Charlotte Magazine 5/22 4:27A Charlotte Magazine Staff
So much of what we consider haute cuisine is really just dressed-up working-class grub, the handheld quick lunches and filling, starchy dinners our great-grandparents wolfed down after the...

Lifestyle Tips for a More Successful Future

Creative Loafing Charlotte 5/21 5:23P Alan Watts
Leaving college and entering the workforce has much in common with an athlete finishing training and hitting the stadium for the start of a race. In this case it’s going to be a marathon, and that...

Must-Visit Wine and Cocktail Bars in Charlotte: 2023

Charlotte Magazine 5/18 1:00A Taylor Bowler
From tasting rooms to speakeasies , the city has a range of nightspots that serve signature cocktails, rare wines, and curated food options to pair with them. Savor your sips beside a koi pond, on a...

Charlotte Vietnamese Restaurant Guide

CLTure 5/17 5:24P CLTure
By Beth Mack May 17, 2023 A country’s cuisine is heavily influenced by its geography, terrain, climate, and history. Vietnam, a vastly coastal, rural country in Southeast Asia is no exception. With China encompassing its Northern border, Laos and...
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